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Children's Programs
Available @ Thursday & Sunday Services



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Ministries & Serving Opportunities

If you are interested in assisting in any of these vital ministries, please contact the church office at info@ccoceancity.com


Audio / Visual

This group of individuals is responsible for all audio and/or visual aspects of weekly services and events.
Ministry Head: Chris Abbott

CD Ministry

Offering the never-changing gospel message via CD medium to reach and equip those who desire to hear archived sermons.
Ministry Head: Carole Masula


Improving and maintaining with excellence our physical buildings in order to provide a clean and sanitary church environment.
Ministry Head: Jen Emond

Coastal Kids

Introducing Christ to the children of Coastal Christian and our surrounding communities by communicating age-appropriate biblical truths through actions and words, with the goal of bringing the students to a saving knowledge of Christ, and a life of increasing maturity in Christ.
Ministry Head: Kathy Orr/Interim



Cheerfully being the face of Coastal Christian by greeting incoming church family and visitors. Assisting with special needs by directing to an appropriate place or person within the church. Modeling and representing Christ-like characteristics to all attenders as a first impression of Coastal Christian.
Ministry Head: Paula Downam


Providing food and drink at on-site and off-site Coastal events via a warm, welcoming atmosphere.
Ministry Head: Diana Wiseman

Island Youth

A fun and safe place where devoted, growing adult leaders choose to invest in the 6th -12th grade students of our community. This ministry will introduce and model Christ in practical ways, with the goal of walking beside students as they move from unbelief to discipleship, while showing them & growing in them a global view of how their lives impact the world around them.
Ministry Head: Matthew Glancey

Meals Ministry

Providing temporary sustenance to those in the Coastal Christian family who are in need or are unable to meet the need of providing food for their households.
Ministry Head: Linda Hinchman

Men in Service

Scripturally-based male fellowship with the common goal of serving the body and the Ocean City community. This ministry offers the men of the fellowship a venue to gather, encourage, and exhort through bible study, worship, and service projects. 
Ministry Head: Bob Pisko


Praying and seeking God’s direction for: short-term mission trips, which missionaries and mission organizations God is leading Coastal to financially and prayerfully support, and Coastal’s Missions Policy and Guidelines. The scriptural foundation which guides this ministry comes from Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8, Matthew 25:40 and James 2:17.
List of Supported Missionaries
CCOC Missions FB
Short Term Mission Trip Application



A thriving group of believers committed to praying for the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of the leaders, and the congregation through prayer meetings, prayer chains and personal requests.

Ministry Head: Irene Walsh


Recovery Through Christ

A Biblical approach to overcoming addictions of all kinds by meeting the spiritual and emotional needs of those who have struggled or are struggling with addictions or dysfunctional family dynamics.
Ministry Head: Chris Abbott


ACA - This One Voice

In the midst of life’s noise, we hear This One Voice; God our Father, who does not shame or abandon us, for we are the pinnacle of His creation and the very object of His affection.

This program is a pathway of life development aimed toward healing the past, and creating a new and exciting future through emotional sobriety and spiritual maturity. We believe that God, the Father, will transform our weaknesses.
Ministry Head: Terence Sikoryak



To lovingly maintain order so that all church attenders have the opportunity to receive the teaching of the Word and a worshipful experience during church services, and to encourage fellowship before and afterwards.
Ministry Head: Dan Noble/Interim


Providing structured activities and programs for the women of Coastal Christian to help them increase in their knowledge of God, and of each other, and to develop their God-given roles and service.
Ministry Head: Dawn Warren

Worship Team

Exists to glorify God through prayer, praise, worship, instrumental music, songs, hymns, audio and visual production, performing arts and serving skillfully, with discipline and humility, leading our congregation and creating an environment of worship.“Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.” Ps.33:3
Ministry Head: Pete Magazzu


Young Adults - Refresh

A Saturday night gathering where young adults  will be encouraged and refreshed through the Word of God, worship, prayer and fellowship. This time will be specifically geared both to reach young adults searching for God, and to disciple current believers. 
Ministry Heads: Matthew Maher & Matthew Glancey