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Baby Dedication Request 

The Ceremony of dedicating our children to the Lord is something we find in scripture. That being said, we prefer to offer this ceremony to families within our church community.


Mother's Full Name *
First Name
Last Name
Father's Full Name *
First Name
Last Name
Contact Email Address
Contact Phone Number (609.123.4567)
Do the Parents attend this fellowship? (Y or N) If not, please explain... *
Child's Birthdate (ex. 07/27/2011)*
Child's Full Name *
First Name
Last Name
Please explain if your child's name has a special meaning.
Would you like to have a special scripture be incorporated into the dedication?
Your FIRST choice of dates that you would like to have the dedication take place? (subject to availability) (ex. 07/20/2012)*
Your SECOND choice of dates that you would like to have the dedication take place? (subject to availability) (ex. 07/27/2012)*
Please choose the service time you would like your dedication to take place. *
A personalized graphic featuring your child will be shown during the dedication. After you have submitted this form, please send a photo/photos of your child and your family to dnoble@ccoceancity.com so this special tribute may be created.