Jeff McConnell

YWAM Circuit Riders

Growing up in church and going to Christian schools, Jeff was around God and religion a lot, but it wasn't until his Junior year of High School that something started to change. On a missions trip to the Dominican Republic in the spring of 2015 he began to get a heart for missions and seeing the church in action. His freshman year of college he really began to pursue the Lord and seek out what it looked like to live a scripture centered life, vs living a life that just involved reading scripture. In the Fall of 2017 a ministry called Circuit Riders came to his university and he saw what wild a and FULLY SURRENDERED - RELATIONSHIP with Jesus can look like in a young person's life and how it can be put into action in practical ways to reach campuses & communities in the US. That following summer he went out to Huntington Beach, California to do a one month missions training school, with Circuit Riders, focused on equipping leaders to go back to their schools and see gospel movement. He went back to college and hosted Circuit Riders on his campus for another two years and then graduated. After graduation, 3 months into the pandemic and at a loss of direction, he received a call from one of his mentors in Circuit Riders and was asked to move out and do a 1 year student-staff program called Field Training. So 4 weeks later, he took everything he owned and drove across the country (from New Jersey to California) to join Circuit Riders.

For the past 2 years Jeff has been planning outreaches, and leading teams in the Pacific NorthWest of the United States, in Western Europe, and in the United Kingdom. Going to high schools, colleges & universities, and churches/communities leading worship, preaching, and encouraging youth to go out and spread the gospel and see a generation of young people get activated to see the gospel change the lives of those in their classes and on their campuses. Coming up this next year Jeff will be traveling around the US, as well as Africa, Norway, and back in Europe to continue preaching the gospel and doing street evangelism to see people come to Christ, get plugged into the local church, and be activated to begin doing the same.