Why Groups are Important

We believe that Groups are the lifeline of the church & vital to it's spiritual health. Our Groups revolve around three core elements: 1) Discipleship, 2) Support, and 3) Activity. We believe that these three elements encompass the Biblical model of a local church through personally growing in the faith, being supported by other believers through a specific season, and doing life with one another in any activity. Leading a group could be your next step in how God wants to use you in this local body.

Want to learn more about this new Groups model? Listen to our podcast episode discussing this topic.

Lead a Group that's Right for You

Discipleship groups are focused on studying Biblical content that applies to your life stage and current situations. You'll find some of our groups going deeper into the sermon just preached from our church, and you'll even find some groups working through specific curriculum, from other sources, focused around marriage, parenting, women, men and how to study the Bible. This group type replaces what we once called "Connect Groups."

This group type is a blend of community and discipleship, with an emphasis on healing from an array of issues including sexual abuse, addiction, divorce, and more. This group type features some existing recovery groups and we hope to add new ones in the near future.
Activity groups create space for us to find family and experience God through the things that interest you. Whether it’s running, surfing,  reading, or any other activity, there's opportunity for you to start & lead a group! This group type is brand new and we're excited to see how you engage with other believers through this medium.