Recovery Through Christ

Where Scripture meets the 12 Steps.

We are an outreach of Coastal Christian to those of our fellowship and community who have been affected by addiction of any kind. We are a Christ-centered group believing that He alone is our higher power.

This One Voice

In the midst of life’s noise, we listen to This One Voice: God our Father, who does not shame or abandon us, for we are the pinnacle of His creation and the very object of His affection.

Changing the way we think, we can dramatically change the direction of our lives. Direction determines destiny! A person’s destiny has far more power than their wounds. We believe that God our Father will transform our weaknesses, and that we will bloom in the fruit of His Spirit.

Looking for addiction related resources & rehab centers?

Look no further. Select the button below to download our PDF that includes contact information for rehab centers, helpline numbers, non-profit organizations that work in recovery, and more.