Hey Somers Point,

Community is coming.

Our church is moving to Somers Point and doing things differently. Read on to find out, or jump ahead to learn more or plan a visit.

We've set out to change community...

Our vision has always been to call a community to connect to Christ. But, as our church has grown in this ever-changing world, our vision has changed too. Our goal with this new journey is to call communities to connect to Christ. But we wanted to change how we do that.
Typically, a church building gets used once, maybe twice, a week and then sits almost empty for the rest of the time. As we've grown a community in Ocean City, we wanted whatever would come next to be open to the community 24/7, 365 days a year, so that our community can create further community in Somers Point and beyond. 
Here's what we have planned for our new home, where community is coming:
  • A church that houses a large auditorium for our weekly gatherings & upcoming conferences
  • A community center that may include things like a coffee shop & fitness center
  • A for-profit hotel with suites, a pool, and many other accommodations

Looking to learn even more or get involved in the project?

Community is Coming to Somers Point

Watch this video to get insight from some of our pastors, leaders, and other members about what we're bringing to Somers Point.

Watch our special
announcement video

Watch the special announcement video and be sure to download our app and follow us on social media to find out ways you can be part of the next chapter God has for Coastal.

See what's happening in Ocean City,
before we come to Somers Point!

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